Bycatch Reduction

Bycatch reduction is an important goal for sustainable management of Australian fisheries.
Bycatch are fish or other species that are either incidentally caught while fishing and returned to the sea, or killed or injured from an interaction with fishing equipment.

Bycatch results from using fishing gear that catches more than just target species or size, when animals are attracted to the fishing operation or accidental entanglements.  Australia’s State and Commonwealth fisheries management legislation all have objectives to minimise bycatch.

Significant and continued advances to reduce bycatch in fisheries has been achieved through research that results in changes to procedures, fishing equipment and/or other management measures. Positive and successful examples of bycatch reduction strategies include increasing mesh sizes in nets, the use of bycatch reduction, turtle exclusion and seabird mitigation devices.

Fishwell Consulting has extensive experience with a range of projects about bycatch reduction through gear modification, developing best practices, industry education and bycatch utilisation.


Bycatch Reduction Projects

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