Review of Abalone Dive Rates

Image of abalone

The Tasmanian wild harvest abalone fishery for Blacklip Abalone and Greenlip Abalone accounts for 25% of the total global wild caught abalone. Harvesting is undertaken by divers who are paid a $ per kilo rate by quota holders. This arrangement has led to discontent amongst divers because the competition for access to quota has resulted in a low rate of pay for divers and deckhands, as well as compromised safety standards.

This report initiated by the Minister for Primary Industries and conducted for the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industry Water and the Environment (DPIPWE) review current arrangements using a Porter’s Five Forces Framework, finding that the dive services market is functioning, but is structurally unattractive, with low profitability, and that it is unlikely to improve in the future. A range of alternative options to determine dive rate were reported.


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Review of Tasmanian abalone dive rates